Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Mall Alluring Shoppers Due To Tranquility and Diversity

Manaira shopping mall is the epitome of luxury in a fun, comfortable way. It is a comprehensive shopping avenue where you can practically shop anything from the basic amenities to high-end life products. It is situated at Joao Pessoa in the state of Paraiba, an area of proximity to the city dwellers. The geographical scope along with all the structures and amenities therein, Manaira can only be termed as a city within a city.


Talk of entertainment, the movie theaters, amusement park, bowling alleys, and ballroom will get you covered. Looking for an eatery joint get to the food courts, restaurants and bar for beverages. Schools are herein for education, banks for business transactions, boutiques for clothing shopping and if looking for luxury, the natural scenery from horizon can clearly be observed from the cuisine and even the lobby area.


Manaira’s most outstanding and enticing feature is in the strategic delivery of entertainment antics to the customer. Once you get into the mall, you will be greeted by the 3D room and VIP ones with a stadium setup, a game station, and bowling lane. The Gourmet Space is finely furnished for private family moments and provides foods of all kinds. The Domus Concert hall is yet another notable area. It can host 4,000 seated guests and is artistically designed with two floors, music lounge, and dressing room- perfect to host international interactive events.


Music of all genres can be played including rap, reggae, rock, samba and the modern tastes of hip-hop, and R ‘n’ B. The platform has seen ORappa band, Ana Carolina, and Jorge Mario da Silva entertains guests. Roberto Santiago designed Manaira to use entertainment as the trademark which would also allure shoppers, be fun and give customers an adventurous experience. This concert space has also been used to hold graduation, wedding and private affair ceremonies.


About Roberto Santiago

He is a businessman and the owner of Manaira Shopping mall who hails from Joao Pessoa in Brazil. He is 58 years old, a man who has accomplished a lot judging from his investment and wealth accumulation. Roberto Santiago began as a writer and then utilized his astuteness in directing and video production. His first entrepreneurial venture was the Santa Rosa café and after that established a cartonnage company which produced mind-blowing furniture and interior décor.


Roberto Santiago did build his empire gradually from his savings and sourcing for capitalization. Apparently, he is the owner of Manaira shopping mall; a monumental property serving all. Maniara has a Domus Hall, Gourmet Space, Game station, bowling alleys and movie theaters adequately serving diverse needs of clients. His shrewdness has finally paid off, and it is interesting to watch his empire bud for the next generations. Roberto Santiago studied at Pio X Marist College and the University of Joao Pessoa.


Todd Lubar: Brilliant Real Estate Financier

It’s nearly impossible to teach someone the exact method to succeeding in any business. Anyone of any social and educational background can succeed in the most amazing ways. Some experts believe that the qualities needed to succeed are natural talents. For every predictable success story, there’s one that no one saw coming.

In Todd Lubar’s case, it was a mix of the two, says Ideamensch. Even Todd realized he had a natural talent for numbers. After graduating from Syracuse University, he took at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He started out as a loan originator and quickly worked his way to the top of the corporate ladder.

Todd Lubar didn’t work at Crestar too long, but he did learn a lot about conservative mortgage banking. Crestar really opened his eyes to all the various mortgage possibilities, which came in handy when he joined Legacy Financial Group. There, he operated as a direct mortgage bank and brokered loans with unconventional investors.

In 2005, he left Legacy Financial to start his own company: Legendary Properties. This proved to be the first of many entrepreneurial ventures for Todd Lubar. Within his first year in the business, he grew Legendary Properties into one of the most successful commercial real estate development companies on the east coast.

Currently, he’s focused on developing TDL Global Ventures into a nationwide company. After spending over 20 years in credit and finance, he wanted to do more than just accept “qualified” loan requests. He wanted to help those who couldn’t get loans through traditional channels.

Having spent so much time in the business, he knew exactly what needed to change to help these people. He created his own programs and products that every individual and company could use to get much-needed loans. He called this product RELIEF.

Of all his companies, he’s most excited to see TDL succeed. TDL is more than just another revenue source for Lubar. It’s proof that giving up never leads to success. Despite the ups and downs of his career, he finally created something more. Check out his full profile on


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Eradicating the disease of human rights violation


In the United States today, cases of human rights violations have been reported on several grounds. People are rising against one another especially the majority against the minority. The police are slowly but surely starting to violate the human rights instead of fighting for them and the rich are becoming worse day by day. In the end, the common citizens have no voice.

Their cries are ignored, and their sufferings fall on deaf ears. The quality of care has been reduced since most of the organizations are getting compromised by the need to gain more profits. However, some organizations are dedicated to the provision quality services to the public without having been compromised.

Campaign Zero

The Campaign Zero is one of the organizations that were formed in the recent past. Their sole purpose was to eradicate the violence that is started by the police. Recently, the police have been very brutal towards the minority especially the colored groups. Several shootings and direct attacks have been reported in the past few years. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

This brutality has resulted in deaths and several injuries on the innocent people. The Campaign Zero organization was started to ensure that there is no death caused by casualties or intentional attacks by the police. The group has held several street demos to reduce the influence of the police on innocent individuals.

American-Islamic Relations Council

The relationship between the United States and the Islamic relations has been strained. The Islamic countries are usually the best in business, and they thrive in partnerships. The individuals who come from the Islamic countries face a lot of hostility in the United States.

The organization is concerned with both the safety of the Muslims in the United States and how it would affect their relationships with businesses. In the end, the Muslims in the United States suffer the brutality of the local citizens. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

This organization is dedicated to the provision of a fairground where individuals would understand the need of creating a safe society. The organization is run and funded by the Muslims both within and without the United States.

The Muslims who have faced hard challenges in the hands of their American hosts have found fair hearings. Since there are laws that protect the minority in the United States, the organization works in line with the constitution for the safety of the people.

The case of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

The Frontera Fund by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey has contributed greatly towards the fight against discrimination and human rights. Both Jim and Michael are not directly involved in the fight, but they have used their resources to ensure that all the citizens have a good place to stay. The fact that these individuals are from Arizona did not stop the powerful Sheriff Joe Arpaio from using his powers to intimidate them.

The journalists donated the $3.75 million compensation that they received in 2007 after the won the case involving the sheriff at the Supreme Court of Arizona. Because of the experience that they had, the gentlemen have vowed to support several other courses in the future.

The Career And Thoughts Of Tobias Jaeger

Tobias Jaeger founded his first business in 2007 while attending the Maastricht University in the Netherlands. The company was called Business Associates Europe and was a strategy consulting service for corporations. Once he graduated he partnered with one of the leading poker players in the e-gaming industry to create StrategosPoker. This platform taught poker players how to generate a significant income by playing on a competitive level.


Tobias Jaeger then worked as the Managing Director for the entrepreneur academy providing entrepreneurs with courses for empowerment. By 2012, he went into the industry of entertainment and joined a Swiss company called Thought for Food. He developed a conference and documentary explaining how the food industry is being reshaped with modern technology. Afterwards, he helped launch AXIOM Pictures which was Europe’s first entertainment equity fund. AXIOM Venture Capital was established to connect the world of finance with media and entertainment.


After Tobias Jaeger had completed his service to the German Armed Forces he helped found Support German Troops in 2006. This was an initiative to gather more support for the German Armed Forces. Hundreds of thousands of Euros were raised in donations and by social media. These funds provided support for numerous families in Germany’s armed forces. He travels often and has visited, worked, and studied on four continents in 43 countries. He speaks English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian.


Tobias Jaeger loves his job because every day is different. He is consistently presented with the challenges of the unexpected and stays focused. He begins his days with the activities with the highest priorities because this allows him to accomplish his work effectively. He spends a lot of time in meetings and on the phone and often attends industry events and conferences to connect with acquaintances, do research, and keep informed on developments in the industry. His decisions are made based on evidence although he trusts his gut instinct.


Tobias Jaeger is excited by on-demand solutions partially because he believes it can help eliminate waste by using resources with more efficiency. His is constantly striving to evolve his skill and understands the challenges of the entertainment industry. He believes nutrition has an impact on his productivity and exercises and tries to eat healthy foods. He travels often and takes advantage of the pools and gyms often offered by hotels. He has sacrificed workouts to meet with clients but one of his top priorities is to feel good by taking care of himself properly.


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Profitable Advertising Strategies by Lori Senecal

According to Lori Senecal, Internet publicity and media marketing are not enough for business. Companies ought to introduce different advertising experiences for their clients using important technology techniques that enable provide visual images that attract customers, GPS targeted marketing and those that provide customized advertisements. Creative methods such as adopting guerilla advertising plan have been used to improve efficacy and sales.

Lori Senecal leads a top global agency team, called Crispin, Porter &Bogusky (CP+B). CP+B agency is promoting the advertising industry by using social media channels, compulsive rule breakers, utilizing technologists, advertising experts, and coders to design great advertising campaigns for companies. These advertisements inspire customers to buy the product, reach well-targeted customers and its information is usually easy to understand.

Companies use Twitter and Facebook marketing to increase sales. However, it requires a company to be creative and agile. The post should be able to compel the customers to engage in the advert. CP+B agency recommends the advantages of Facebook advertising opportunities using techniques like informative and value-added videos encourage, post with entertaining, content that relates to the audience displaying and relatable visuals. Other important techniques are like create a unique experience for each customer profile and feature real people in real situations among others.

The agency also recommends top marketing trends that are profitable such as curating beautiful color palettes, designing ads for mobile which should be shorter and for all ages, using humor and generating emotional responses. Moreover, other trends are marketing via chat,recognizing women’s significance, ad blocking, leveraging virtual reality, and analyzing data.

Lori Senecal, the CEO of CB+P in New York joined the agency in March 2015. Since then, Lori has made effective steps in the company like expanding international offices and according to Campaign Live also increased global employees from 250 to 900.

CP+B agency has received awards like the Titanium Grand Prix for Domino’s Pizza at Cannes Film Festival. She has worked for different successful corporations and companies. She has held different leadership positions in strategic planning, innovation, and account leadership. Lori Senecal is passionate about improving a company’s sales through advertisements.

Profile Link:

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Restoring the DACA Organization from Closure-Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Foundation

The law of the state is important to the country as it sets the peace of the country to prevail. The bill also ensures that all the wrong doers face the charges and all their crimes punished. However, sometimes the people caught by the authorities may not necessarily be bad people.

In some circumstances, law breakers may be people needing assistance. It is for this reason; there exist humanitarians fighting for civil and migrant rights. Sometimes such organization may face opposition from the government sector.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey support such institutions. Recently DACA one of the organization that protects immigrants has been facing the threat of being closed down.

The Attorney General of Texas has instructed the Trump’s parliament to close down DACA with the claims that it has not attained the legal documents required for its existence. The Attorney General has been seconded by other officials.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera funds are working on solving the DACA problem permanently. The immigrants are relieved by their intervention.

This is because the situation of the DACA situation has been scary to the members after the Kelly report that stated that despite the efforts that the officials of the organization are putting, the group was still struggling and saw the need to inform the members. However, the involvement of the Larkin and Lacey funds gave the members hope.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey began the organization with the funds that they acquired from the money that they earned from their case with the Sheriff. With this funds, they started the village choice and Phoenix new times. The fund was utilized in assisting the migrants, especially in Arizona.

The Arizona dreamers have been the ones that have been affected by the new developments of the closure of DACA. The Arizona dreamers are very angry because they are the primary beneficiaries. The residents have highly condemned the Texas Attorney General and the officials who played a role in supporting the closure of the entity,

DACA has not only benefited the members but the state as well. DACA beneficiaries have contributed to the development of the economy. After the two years, most of the beneficiaries acquire the required documentation to stay in the country legally. After this, the members spend their income in paying mortgages and buying cars. This revenue is critical to the countries development. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The immigrants also supply labor to the economy. To add to the list of benefits; there is the provision of intellectual property. The country should, therefore, view the immigrant as assets and not liabilities.

Humanitarians fight for the civil and human rights of isolated people in the society. DACA is one of these organizations fighting for immigrant rights. The organization has been currently facing a threat of being closed down which has significantly disappointed the beneficiaries. However, the state does not plan to terminate the team suddenly.

All the same, it is still a setback because the organization will not be accepting new applicants or renewing expired tickets of its members. The involvement of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey has restored hope to the DACA members.

Jose Auriemo Neto Contribution in JHSF Company

JHSF is the leading real estate company in Brazil that has the highest income gain due to their acquisition of both commercial and residential market. In addition, the company deals in the management and development of shopping centers and upscale hotels. JHSF was founded in the year 1972. It is famous for its ability to identify and make use of the available business opportunities across Brazil region. To add on that, the company’s specialties are based on the innovations and quality of sustainable projects that is highly admired by Brazil residents.

Over the past few years, JHSF has extended its services in different areas in Brazil such as Sao Paulo and Salvador. Additionally, the company comprises of four business units, which offer services in different sectors such as hotels & restaurant and malls. Recently, the company has majored their services in the implementation of urban development projects and five star hotels. As a result, the company has experienced an increase in their market shares, which has significantly boosted its income. Since the year 2003, Jose Auriemo Neto chairs JHSF and is the key element behind the company’s success.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is an entrepreneur, chief executive, and the current chairperson and of the JHSF Company. Better known as Zeco, the 38 year old formed JHSF Company together with his brother Fabio Auriemo in the year 2003. Jose’s role in the company is majorly focused on the development of commercial and residential housing across Brazil. Additionally, he administers the company’s portfolios, which includes shopping complex such as Bela Vista and Metro Tucuruv. Further, Jose is in charge of foreseeing the two company’s developments currently in progress in Sao Paulo.

Auriemo Neto witnessed the company’s first venture in areas of business. In the year 2009, Jose played a critical role in the signing of a partnership agreement between their company and Pucci, and Jimmy Choo Companies. By the year 2012, JHSF added its partnership with Valentino Company, which later on launched R.E.D Valentino stores based in Brazil. Jose undertook his studies at Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University.

I Am Impressed With How Securus Helps Prevent Crime

Securus is a company that really impresses me because they are using voice recognition to prevent crimes. The software will find people who are talking on the Securus network, and they may be passed on to local authorities. I heard that the company came out with this technology, and I hope that they will stop people from committing more crimes while talking on the system. This article explains how the Securus works for the police in my community and yours.


#1: Voice Recognition Software


Voice recognition software is quite important for all the people who are investigating crimes who have known associates in prison. Someone who is calling through the system will be picked up by the software, and they will be in a place where they may use that information to find the person who called.


#2: Securus Cooperates


I like knowing that the Securus company cooperates with law enforcement, and I am impressed that they are willing to work with them so that someone may be found if they are committing crimes. They will catch people based on certain words and phrases, and they do not compromise the privacy of all the other people like me who are using the system.


#3: They Help The Community


I believe that people in the community should be allowed to speak to the people they like, and there are many people who will find that they may keep in touch with family when they cannot visit them at the jails. I have a neighbor who has this problem, and they make calls with Securus that improve their lives.


I believe that Securus is doing a public a service, and I hope that they continue to do so, they will supply the authorities with information that catches criminals who are on the loose.

UKV PLC Is A Great Way To Explore Wine Investments In The UK

UKV consists of a small group of dedicated consultants, in the art of fine wines and Champaign, who work to help provide their vast knowledge to the client to make the best decision depending on their needs and wants. They help the customer to understand the benefits of prior their purchase.

UKV PLC is independent and is not tied or contracted with any specific companies but instead works with a large group of brokers, vendors, and traders to help locate unique products or highly demanded wines or champagne. In other words, the company works to purchase the wine and champagne and work on behalf of both the private individual or investor and the traders.

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What are some benefits of Investing in wine?
The wine market has a high demand and the recent trends have shown that is truer than ever. There have been long records that have shown that the trend is not in any chance of dying out anytime soon either. Some of the older vintage stocks cannot be replaced once it is consumed either. This means that in spite of a growing demand that the vintage stock that hasn’t been consumed can become even more valuable.

What are some of the risks involved?
As with most any wine investment, there are risks that can potentially be involved. The fine wine industry isn’t regulated and UKV PLC doesn’t consist of financial experts. No financial information, advice or guarantees are promised in regards to the wine’s potential value. Wine value can fluctuate and many things can potentially cause this to happen outside of human control. To help minimize the risk of anything happening it is always best to speak to a financial expert prior to making any kind of expert.

What is the process to get involved?
The process to get started, if interested, would be to contact UKV PLC and speak to one of their many consultants today and together you can explore your options together. UKV prides itself in creating the most professional environment and providing the highest quality advice to help assist you. Check them out today at their website at

Frontera Fund Advocates, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin See Immigrants Flock To Canada

According to the grassroots civil and human rights organization, Frontera Fund, Mexican immigrants are choosing Canada to call home.

The organization’s founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin say immigration to Canada is easier since that country, last December, stopped requiring visas from Mexican travelers. Data from the Canadian government show a big spike in the number of Mexicans travelling to the country. Those numbers have tripled since visa requirements were updated.

It is not a very strong indicator since many who entered Canada are actually tourists, however, the surge in calls and messages left for Canadian lawyers who specialize now in Mexican immigration are a sign of the times. Mexicans arriving to the country are on the lookout for work permits, and everything suggests that this is the new prototype emerging for immigration.

Attorneys and activists have said that Mexicans asking for advice have tripled, compared to the same period in 2015-2016. The Consulate of Mexico in Canada have also reported getting an increase in requests for assistance.

Also, it’s been reported that nearly 70,000 Electronic Travel Authorizations were approved for Mexican travelers. That’s about three times more than those received in the same period of previous years. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Reservations for flights between Mexico and Canada rose 90 percent in January and February 2017, compared to the same period of 2016. However, the percentage of reservations made by those seeking to enter Canada for vacation was unclear.

Michael and Jim say it’s good the two countries can work together.

Easier To Enter, Harder To Stay

Many immigrants mistakenly are under the impression the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorizations) are the most important aspect to set foot in Canada and stay, but in most cases that belief is wrong. Attorneys say that the ETA only guarantee entry into the country. Many Mexicans are likely disappointed because of the difficulty getting a work permit without the backing of an employer.

Many immigrants set up work, such as in construction and then get an ETA to enter Canada. However, before legally working, you need a work permit, so you must enter as a tourist and then wait to be approved for the permit.

Setting up a job beforehand means you will work illegally, and immigration officers are waiting to question and catch offenders.

Canada also points out that those convicted of crimes as well as members of criminal gangs will not be admitted.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is committed to fighting for civil and human rights, and ending oppression. Since 2014, founders of the Frontera Fund, Michael and Jim have worked tirelessly to combat discrimination and seek justice.

By partnering with other grassroots organizations, Larkin and Lacey have been able to develop a powerhouse of advocates fighting for immigration reform.