The Career And Thoughts Of Tobias Jaeger

Tobias Jaeger founded his first business in 2007 while attending the Maastricht University in the Netherlands. The company was called Business Associates Europe and was a strategy consulting service for corporations. Once he graduated he partnered with one of the leading poker players in the e-gaming industry to create StrategosPoker. This platform taught poker players how to generate a significant income by playing on a competitive level.


Tobias Jaeger then worked as the Managing Director for the entrepreneur academy providing entrepreneurs with courses for empowerment. By 2012, he went into the industry of entertainment and joined a Swiss company called Thought for Food. He developed a conference and documentary explaining how the food industry is being reshaped with modern technology. Afterwards, he helped launch AXIOM Pictures which was Europe’s first entertainment equity fund. AXIOM Venture Capital was established to connect the world of finance with media and entertainment.


After Tobias Jaeger had completed his service to the German Armed Forces he helped found Support German Troops in 2006. This was an initiative to gather more support for the German Armed Forces. Hundreds of thousands of Euros were raised in donations and by social media. These funds provided support for numerous families in Germany’s armed forces. He travels often and has visited, worked, and studied on four continents in 43 countries. He speaks English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian.


Tobias Jaeger loves his job because every day is different. He is consistently presented with the challenges of the unexpected and stays focused. He begins his days with the activities with the highest priorities because this allows him to accomplish his work effectively. He spends a lot of time in meetings and on the phone and often attends industry events and conferences to connect with acquaintances, do research, and keep informed on developments in the industry. His decisions are made based on evidence although he trusts his gut instinct.


Tobias Jaeger is excited by on-demand solutions partially because he believes it can help eliminate waste by using resources with more efficiency. His is constantly striving to evolve his skill and understands the challenges of the entertainment industry. He believes nutrition has an impact on his productivity and exercises and tries to eat healthy foods. He travels often and takes advantage of the pools and gyms often offered by hotels. He has sacrificed workouts to meet with clients but one of his top priorities is to feel good by taking care of himself properly.


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