Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Mall Alluring Shoppers Due To Tranquility and Diversity

Manaira shopping mall is the epitome of luxury in a fun, comfortable way. It is a comprehensive shopping avenue where you can practically shop anything from the basic amenities to high-end life products. It is situated at Joao Pessoa in the state of Paraiba, an area of proximity to the city dwellers. The geographical scope along with all the structures and amenities therein, Manaira can only be termed as a city within a city.


Talk of entertainment, the movie theaters, amusement park, bowling alleys, and ballroom will get you covered. Looking for an eatery joint get to the food courts, restaurants and bar for beverages. Schools are herein for education, banks for business transactions, boutiques for clothing shopping and if looking for luxury, the natural scenery from horizon can clearly be observed from the cuisine and even the lobby area.


Manaira’s most outstanding and enticing feature is in the strategic delivery of entertainment antics to the customer. Once you get into the mall, you will be greeted by the 3D room and VIP ones with a stadium setup, a game station, and bowling lane. The Gourmet Space is finely furnished for private family moments and provides foods of all kinds. The Domus Concert hall is yet another notable area. It can host 4,000 seated guests and is artistically designed with two floors, music lounge, and dressing room- perfect to host international interactive events.


Music of all genres can be played including rap, reggae, rock, samba and the modern tastes of hip-hop, and R ‘n’ B. The platform has seen ORappa band, Ana Carolina, and Jorge Mario da Silva entertains guests. Roberto Santiago designed Manaira to use entertainment as the trademark which would also allure shoppers, be fun and give customers an adventurous experience. This concert space has also been used to hold graduation, wedding and private affair ceremonies.


About Roberto Santiago

He is a businessman and the owner of Manaira Shopping mall who hails from Joao Pessoa in Brazil. He is 58 years old, a man who has accomplished a lot judging from his investment and wealth accumulation. Roberto Santiago began as a writer and then utilized his astuteness in directing and video production. His first entrepreneurial venture was the Santa Rosa café and after that established a cartonnage company which produced mind-blowing furniture and interior décor.


Roberto Santiago did build his empire gradually from his savings and sourcing for capitalization. Apparently, he is the owner of Manaira shopping mall; a monumental property serving all. Maniara has a Domus Hall, Gourmet Space, Game station, bowling alleys and movie theaters adequately serving diverse needs of clients. His shrewdness has finally paid off, and it is interesting to watch his empire bud for the next generations. Roberto Santiago studied at Pio X Marist College and the University of Joao Pessoa.


Todd Lubar: Brilliant Real Estate Financier

It’s nearly impossible to teach someone the exact method to succeeding in any business. Anyone of any social and educational background can succeed in the most amazing ways. Some experts believe that the qualities needed to succeed are natural talents. For every predictable success story, there’s one that no one saw coming.

In Todd Lubar’s case, it was a mix of the two, says Ideamensch. Even Todd realized he had a natural talent for numbers. After graduating from Syracuse University, he took at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He started out as a loan originator and quickly worked his way to the top of the corporate ladder.

Todd Lubar didn’t work at Crestar too long, but he did learn a lot about conservative mortgage banking. Crestar really opened his eyes to all the various mortgage possibilities, which came in handy when he joined Legacy Financial Group. There, he operated as a direct mortgage bank and brokered loans with unconventional investors.

In 2005, he left Legacy Financial to start his own company: Legendary Properties. This proved to be the first of many entrepreneurial ventures for Todd Lubar. Within his first year in the business, he grew Legendary Properties into one of the most successful commercial real estate development companies on the east coast.

Currently, he’s focused on developing TDL Global Ventures into a nationwide company. After spending over 20 years in credit and finance, he wanted to do more than just accept “qualified” loan requests. He wanted to help those who couldn’t get loans through traditional channels.

Having spent so much time in the business, he knew exactly what needed to change to help these people. He created his own programs and products that every individual and company could use to get much-needed loans. He called this product RELIEF.

Of all his companies, he’s most excited to see TDL succeed. TDL is more than just another revenue source for Lubar. It’s proof that giving up never leads to success. Despite the ups and downs of his career, he finally created something more. Check out his full profile on


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Eradicating the disease of human rights violation


In the United States today, cases of human rights violations have been reported on several grounds. People are rising against one another especially the majority against the minority. The police are slowly but surely starting to violate the human rights instead of fighting for them and the rich are becoming worse day by day. In the end, the common citizens have no voice.

Their cries are ignored, and their sufferings fall on deaf ears. The quality of care has been reduced since most of the organizations are getting compromised by the need to gain more profits. However, some organizations are dedicated to the provision quality services to the public without having been compromised.

Campaign Zero

The Campaign Zero is one of the organizations that were formed in the recent past. Their sole purpose was to eradicate the violence that is started by the police. Recently, the police have been very brutal towards the minority especially the colored groups. Several shootings and direct attacks have been reported in the past few years. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

This brutality has resulted in deaths and several injuries on the innocent people. The Campaign Zero organization was started to ensure that there is no death caused by casualties or intentional attacks by the police. The group has held several street demos to reduce the influence of the police on innocent individuals.

American-Islamic Relations Council

The relationship between the United States and the Islamic relations has been strained. The Islamic countries are usually the best in business, and they thrive in partnerships. The individuals who come from the Islamic countries face a lot of hostility in the United States.

The organization is concerned with both the safety of the Muslims in the United States and how it would affect their relationships with businesses. In the end, the Muslims in the United States suffer the brutality of the local citizens. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

This organization is dedicated to the provision of a fairground where individuals would understand the need of creating a safe society. The organization is run and funded by the Muslims both within and without the United States.

The Muslims who have faced hard challenges in the hands of their American hosts have found fair hearings. Since there are laws that protect the minority in the United States, the organization works in line with the constitution for the safety of the people.

The case of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

The Frontera Fund by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey has contributed greatly towards the fight against discrimination and human rights. Both Jim and Michael are not directly involved in the fight, but they have used their resources to ensure that all the citizens have a good place to stay. The fact that these individuals are from Arizona did not stop the powerful Sheriff Joe Arpaio from using his powers to intimidate them.

The journalists donated the $3.75 million compensation that they received in 2007 after the won the case involving the sheriff at the Supreme Court of Arizona. Because of the experience that they had, the gentlemen have vowed to support several other courses in the future.