I Am Impressed With How Securus Helps Prevent Crime

Securus is a company that really impresses me because they are using voice recognition to prevent crimes. The software will find people who are talking on the Securus network, and they may be passed on to local authorities. I heard that the company came out with this technology, and I hope that they will stop people from committing more crimes while talking on the system. This article explains how the Securus works for the police in my community and yours.


#1: Voice Recognition Software


Voice recognition software is quite important for all the people who are investigating crimes who have known associates in prison. Someone who is calling through the system will be picked up by the software, and they will be in a place where they may use that information to find the person who called.


#2: Securus Cooperates


I like knowing that the Securus company cooperates with law enforcement, and I am impressed that they are willing to work with them so that someone may be found if they are committing crimes. They will catch people based on certain words and phrases, and they do not compromise the privacy of all the other people like me who are using the system.


#3: They Help The Community


I believe that people in the community should be allowed to speak to the people they like, and there are many people who will find that they may keep in touch with family when they cannot visit them at the jails. I have a neighbor who has this problem, and they make calls with Securus that improve their lives.


I believe that Securus is doing a public a service, and I hope that they continue to do so, they will supply the authorities with information that catches criminals who are on the loose.

Securus Continues to Provide Valuable Services

Over the past decade, Securus Technologies has been one of the leading providers of telecommunications services to the correctional facility industry. The company current has over 1,000 employees, many of which work in the customer service facility recently built in Dallas, TX. Securus Technologies currently provides services to over 900 facilities across the country, which ultimately house over 1 million inmates and employees.


One of the most popular services and products that Securus Technologies provides is a video visitation platform. This platform has helped to revolutionize the industry as it allows an inmate to hold a face to face conversation with a loved one, even when they are far away. While each facility can use it differently, most are able to establish secure portals in the facility. The recipient of the call can then access the software on any tablet or smartphone.


This new service has allowed an prison system to offer a better form of communication for inmates. This has also helped to reduce the amount of in-person visitation necessary, which has provided a significant administrative burden relief to prisons.


An additional service that the Securus Technologies product and service is that it can help to solve and prevent crimes. Securus Technologies has a team of specialists that are able to review phone calls made between inmates and friends and family. Prior to each call, all parties are required to approve a recording of the call. These recordings have then been used as evidence to help solve and prevent crimes that have taken place both inside, and outside, of the facility.