Duda Melzer’s Perseverance Pays Off

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known by his nickname “Duda,” is a Brazilian business CEO of RBS Group. The company specializes in print and radio as mediums; however, has recently started with digital media through a newer company called e.Bricks Digital.Duda was the founder of this company, and his goal is to build Brazil to become a leader in online media. His love of both family and country are evident not only in his personal affairs but also in his business life. RBS Group is a family owned business, and Duda Melzer has become CEO in recent history.Going the extra mile and taking care of his business and family are just a few of the things that make Duda unique. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Duda Melzer attended university in Brazil, and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. After completing his degree, he moved on to earn an MBA at Harvard University. This much coveted degree set him up for a clear path to success. Duda has since taken other classes with Harvard, including specialized topics such as family based businesses. After his educational attainment, he served in a couple leadership positions in the US. He also bridged the gap between South America and the US in his family business. Eventually he began serving as a vice president at RBS Group and founded e.Bricks Digital.

In an article on Estadao, upon assuming the role of CEO in recent years, Duda Melzer made changes that benefitted the company. As one who leaves no stone unturned, Duda made structural changes to the business. These changes resulted in growth of the business. Duda Melzer has also won many awards for his hard work and dedication. This is nothing unusual as he’s received nearly every award imaginable, and has even been asked to identify up and coming entrepreneurs for praise and recognition. Duda’s relentless commitment makes him stand out as a strong and ever going media and business leader.

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