I Was Hacked With Ransomware

The May WannaCry ransomware attacks is just the most recent example of how cyberattacks are ravaging the modern world. During that now infamous international attack, around 300,000 computing devices in more than 150 countries were infected with ransomware. It has been called the largest cyber assault of all time. I unfortunately had to learned this when I was hacked. Businesses are learning more and more that for reasons such as this example, they need to be taking cybersecurity extremely important.


One of the top cybersecurity agencies is Rubica. Rubica makes sure its clients are completely safe at all times from cyber criminals who want to steal their information. The company definitely knows what it is doing, having established a strong reputation for quality over the past decade. Rubica continuously monitors its client’s data to find and stop all manner of cybercrime whenever they happen.