Todd Lubar: Brilliant Real Estate Financier

It’s nearly impossible to teach someone the exact method to succeeding in any business. Anyone of any social and educational background can succeed in the most amazing ways. Some experts believe that the qualities needed to succeed are natural talents. For every predictable success story, there’s one that no one saw coming.

In Todd Lubar’s case, it was a mix of the two, says Ideamensch. Even Todd realized he had a natural talent for numbers. After graduating from Syracuse University, he took at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He started out as a loan originator and quickly worked his way to the top of the corporate ladder.

Todd Lubar didn’t work at Crestar too long, but he did learn a lot about conservative mortgage banking. Crestar really opened his eyes to all the various mortgage possibilities, which came in handy when he joined Legacy Financial Group. There, he operated as a direct mortgage bank and brokered loans with unconventional investors.

In 2005, he left Legacy Financial to start his own company: Legendary Properties. This proved to be the first of many entrepreneurial ventures for Todd Lubar. Within his first year in the business, he grew Legendary Properties into one of the most successful commercial real estate development companies on the east coast.

Currently, he’s focused on developing TDL Global Ventures into a nationwide company. After spending over 20 years in credit and finance, he wanted to do more than just accept “qualified” loan requests. He wanted to help those who couldn’t get loans through traditional channels.

Having spent so much time in the business, he knew exactly what needed to change to help these people. He created his own programs and products that every individual and company could use to get much-needed loans. He called this product RELIEF.

Of all his companies, he’s most excited to see TDL succeed. TDL is more than just another revenue source for Lubar. It’s proof that giving up never leads to success. Despite the ups and downs of his career, he finally created something more. Check out his full profile on


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